Linux Mint: Mate edition

Tue 05 January 2016 by Pol O'Riain

After several years using Gnome 3 as well as a short period of time using OSX, I have decided to try something different. I did not feel I was as productive as I could be using Gnome Shell and OSX was even worse.

I remembered the Gnome 2 days and decided to give the MATE desktop environment a try.

For those who don't know, MATE is a desktop environment forked from the code base of GNOME 2. It is under active development and includes all of the GNOME 2 standard apps, with different names of course.

The distribution I choose was Linux Mint as I had heard good things about it from colleagues and had never tried it before.

Speaking a month into my MATE trial I cannot ever imagine going back to anything else. Gnome 2, and now MATE, are the most productive environments I have used. It might be because of my history using Gnome 2 for so long that I have this experience but I would recommend anyone to try it out.

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